A FEW WORDS About Ella

Welcome to my world of canine companionship and captivating photography! I’m Ella, hailing from the vibrant city of Kyiv, Ukraine. Throughout my entire life I have always held a love for animals and have devoted countless hours to volunteering at animal shelters. In fact, it was here that I discovered the power of photography in transforming the lives of shelter animals.

As a volunteer photographer, I honed my skills to capture the unique spirit of each dog, aiding significantly in increasing their adoption rates. Emboldended by the positive results, I launched my business and started photographing animals professionally, investing into photography education and growing my skill.

As my journey with animal photography unfolded, I began to appreciate the profound significance of understanding animal behavior. It dawned on me that by grasping the nuances of dog psychology, I could do more than just capture their best angles in photographs; I could help them present their best selves to prospective adopters during those crucial meet-and-greet sessions. Motivated by this realization, I delved into the realms of dog psychology and behavior modification.

This quest for knowledge led me to enroll in several educational programs across different schools, absorbing wisdom from esteemed mentors worldwide. Now, five years into this enriching journey, I am equipped with a deeper insight into canine behavior, enabling me to blend the art of photography with the science of dog training.

My experience consists of exposure to various dog sport disciplines, puppy raising, genetics, breeding, behavioral cases like aggression, reactivity and fear.

The programs that helped shape some of my knowledge are PODT1 at Michael Ellis’ School for Dog Trainers, Conflict Free Dog Training at Alex Vyatkin and Uliana Maltseva, Puppy Potential at Training Between the Ears.

I believe in continued education and evolution of knowledge, so I’m committed to cooperation and working alongside other trainers, and regular virtual learning from accomplished dog trainers like Ed Frawley of Leerburg, Tyler Muto of Consider the Dog, Ivan Balabanov of Training Without Conflict.

My love of animals is not just for my own dogs, but your dogs too! If you would give me the honor of helping you to achieve your behavior goals for your dogs, I would love to welcome you into the family of Point and Howl!

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