Booking process, fees and delivery of the product

Steps to book an appointment:

  • Choose a package that you’d like here.
  • Send an email to to schedule a phone consultation; if you prefer to have a consultation through email, please include:
    1. Short description of the idea;
    2. Information about your companion’s personality;
    3. Number of the package;
    4. Your contact information.
    Feel free to ask any questions during the consultation!
  • We will choose theme, location and outfits if your package includes companionship images. We will decide on the date and time of the session.
  • You will receive a questionnaire and a contract, after completion of both, you will reserve a date with a $50 deposit that goes into the price of the package.
  • Confirm date and time – and you’re booked!

Delivery of the product:

  • Photographs will be delivered to the client’s email in an online gallery. The download PIN will be available below the email, which will allow the client to download the photographs in full size, suitable for digital use and printing.

    Depending on the number of photographs, retouching stage might take from 3 to 7 business days.

I recommend coming to a location 30 minutes prior to the shoot, take a walk, let your pet sniff and get comfortable in the area.