Dog Training with Point & Howl

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This one-on-one 12-week program is designed to provide education to devoted owners who wish to succeed with their canine companions. By focusing on building a strong relationship between you and your dog, and creating a simple system of communication, your companion will learn a set of important skills to become a model canine citizen!

This intensive program provides a strong course of education for your companion while they stay with us. Busy curriculum includes daily activities where your dog will learn new skills and get to practice them consistently in a variety of environments.

This program is designed for the luckiest of us – puppy owners! This program’s curriculum focuses on education and exercises that will help in raising confident, resilient puppies through thoughtful socialization and environmental exposure, with an introduction to obedience training and prevention of unwanted behaviors.

Off Leash Reliability & Recall is #1 safety skill your dog should know. Teaching your dog to “come” can help protect your dog in any situation. This program is a mixture of private lessons and “Field Trip” Day Camp and designed to maximize the efficacy of time put in to practice and really challenge the dog in order to achieve laser focus and great engagement in highly distracting environments.

Most dog owners don’t consider muzzle training until their dog is needing to wear one. The reason can be anything from an overwhelming veterinary procedure, a stressful visit to the groomer, history of biting people or dogs, munching on rocks, mulch or poo and more. Picking the right muzzle brand & model, fitting and conditioning is an add-on service and can be purchased together with a private lesson plan.

Pack Hikes are short morning sessions for our training clients who would like to take it step further with their dog, connect with other dog owners and just get out to nature. During our pack walks, we focus on promoting neutrality and practicing knowledge obtained during private and group lessons at Point and Howl.

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