frequently asked questions

Where do we begin?

The first step in the process of enrolling in training with us is a behavioral evaluation. We will pick a good time for us to come to you and learn more about your dog, talk about your goals and walk you through the process. During the evaluation we will give our suggestion on where we think would be a good place to begin training and help you determine what program is a good match for your goals. Meeting you and your dog(s) will allow us to provide professional insight on how to improve and fulfill your relationship and take it step further!

What does the training process look like?

All of our training starts with private program where we focus on each dog individually. You will learn how to effectively communicate, set expectations and enforce training in various environments. Our approach to training allows our clients to be successful regardless where they go, as we guide both dogs and owners through various tricky situations and teach skills that help navigate the world.

Do all family members need to be present during lessons?

Ideally, we prefer to work with all members of the household and teach everyone to communicate with the dog in a consistent, clear way to ensure everyone is on the same page. However, if you are planning on being a primary handler of the dog, we don’t require every single member to attend lessons. We are happy to provide notes and even filmed training lesson for the rest of the family members!

How do we enter group training?

All dogs and their people learn at a different rate. Our goal is to get you into group practice ASAP. We will let you know once we feel like you are ready to challenge your knowledge and skills in a group setting, and, most importantly, when your dog is ready for it. Generally, our students graduate to group practice somewhere between 3rd and 6th lesson, after they get comfortable with basic knowledge and feel ready to rock.

Where does the group practice happen?

Practices are held at various dog-friendly locations around town. It can be a city park, a hiking trail, or a pet friendly establishment.

Do we really need to attend group training?

All of our clients emphasize that group training has been an invaluable resource that allows to prepare for various situations. By mimicking real life situations and allowing owners and their dogs to work through the stress, the novelty and the unexpected in a semi-controlled environment, group practice provides a great environment for growing confidence and learning how to be in control in stressful situations.

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