Preset is a group of editing adjustments that can be easily re-applied to multiple photos. These adjustments include settings such as exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, blacks, texture, vignette, vibrance, color mix and much more. A preset is basically a pre-configured look that you can apply to any number of photos in one click, enhance the quality of your images or give them a moody look.

You can purchase a single preset, or a set of presets that I have personally created for myself and often use in processing my photographs.

You can also request a preset specifically customized to your needs: lighting, mood you’re going for, vibrance, color of the fur of your pet, etc.

Single preset $5.99

Set of 4 presets $19.99

Custom single preset – $9.99

Set of 4 custom presets – $39.99

Pre-configured preset options

To purchase this product send an email to
with your choice of product and 2-3 images in RAW

Further instructions will be sent to you in the email along with the PDF file that explains the proper steps on how to use the product

*Keep in mind that images taken with a phone will not look as sharp as images taken with a professional camera
*In order to use this product you must be using Adobe Lightroom from your PC and if you use it on your phone as well, the presets will automatically sync to it